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Last updated:  02/14/14

For Sale

Humhills Heavenly Twinkle, a.k.a. "Twinkie"

Born 04/24/07
Silver Bay

Zee Jays Buccarudy (sire) x RFM Boy Blues Heavenly Hawk (dam)

Twinkie is one of our prettiest mares, with an exotic head, big movement, wonderful conformation, and a super sweet personality.  She is heavily Buckeroo-bred, and her pedigree includes such greats as  Boones Little Buckeroo, Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, 4Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure, Stouts Mister Pride and Komokos Little Husseler. Twinkie is a rare find, and we expect great things from this gorgeous mare.

***FOR SALE***

Email/call for price

Son Rise Surprise Little Legacy, a.k.a. "Buddy"

Born 05/12/11

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Busy B's Champions Golden Legacy, a.k.a. "Champ"

 Born 05/20/09



Congratulations to two young girls, Mya and Leah, and family of E. Bridgewater, MA

Adelaides Spotted Moon Legacy (sire) x Busy B's JGWillakers Sweet Girl (dam)

Champ is a gelding with a great personality, and he is very correct.  Champ's pedigree includes Sulphuras, Komokos, NFC and Vant Huttenest.  Champ will stay here unless there is a super good home for him.

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SPA Legends Legacy Sultan

Born 04/01/95

27.0" Sorrel stallion
AMHA A70336, AMHR 70277T

Hemlock Brooks Legends Legacy (sire) x Pleasant Acres Bittersweet (dam)

His name speaks for himself.  This little powerhouse consistently sires teeny, tiny, correct foals
that mature at 22-27"--solids and pintos--beautiful and perfect.


Sad, but happy, Sully, our 27" stallion, has found a new home in PA, where he will have a herd of his own.
Congratulations to Paul and his extended family!

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DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change. The Busy B Minis reserves the right to refuse sale to any party for any reason at any time.

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